Professional tuition

Each of the three evening sessions take only 2 hours, to cover the entire syllabus in depth.

Accompanied drives

You are assigned a Qualified Observer for accompanied drives locally, in your own car.

Advanced Driving Test

If you wish, when you have reached the required standard, you may take the test - and gain full Membership
Click here IAM Herefordshire is a local charity affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). Registered Charity No: 1049679Email Website
We all like to think we are good drivers, but do we really know how to avoid the possibility of an accident? Throughout the UK, during 2014, 62% of road accidents happened in rural areas . . . like Herefordshire!

Safer Driving “Advanced Driving” courses, which we run locally

for the IAM (Institute of  Advanced Motorists) help drivers of all ages

to raise their skills to an advanced level and fulfil their potential as a

driver by:-

reducing the risk of getting involved in accidents learning overtaking techniques, correct steering and gear choice handling bends and roundabouts more safely driving on motorways more confidently keeping up to date with new regulations Probably most important of all, these courses could save lives! Three 2-hour evening sessions will be followed by a series of drives in your own car with highly-experienced qualified Advanced Driver Observers, who give you practical advice and techniques to improve your driving style.
Our approach to running these courses is different in several ways, which you will find work better for you:- Learning process, delivered by David Williams, Chief Observer Interactive presentation, with team participation and open discussion Non-judgmental, no testing, no pressure . . . . just working at your pace - and enjoying it! According to an IAM survey of 2500 drivers who had passed the Advanced Driving Test:- 99% said that they had improved their driving considerably 90% gained better awareness of other road users 66% reported that it had helped them avoid a crash Your reputation of being an Advanced Driver makes you a better person to have at the wheel - and you save money:- discounts on insurance lower fuel bills
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