IAM Herefordshire Committee

Chairman & Group Contact

David Williams, MBE QFSM 01981 580382 chairman@iam-herefordshire.org.uk Chief Observer David Williams, MBE QFSM 01981 580382 chief-observer@iam-herefordshire.org.uk Group Secretary Stella Boyd-Carpenter 01432 840835 secretary@iam-herefordshire.org.uk Group Treasurer Kieran Lappin treasurer@iam-herefordshire.org.uk 01432 340252 Membership Secretary Alan Eastough 01981 540006 members@iam-herefordshire.org.uk
“Young Drivers” contact Nerys Palmer 07909 631832 Members Ted Hayward Mike Leigh Ann Nevelos Kath Watts News Mike Warnock 01531 579174 news@iam-herefordshire.org.uk Marketing Mike Warnock 01531 579174 marketing@iam-herefordshire.org.uk Website www.iam-herefordshire.org.uk Webmaster: Mike Warnock 01531 579174 General enquiries safer-drivers@iam-herefordshire.org.uk
Chairman Kath Watts
Group Secretary Stella Boyd-Carpenter
Chief Observer, David Williams
IAM Herefordshire is a local charity affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). Registered Charity No: 1049679Email safer-drivers@iam-herefordshire.org.uk Website www.iam-herefordshire.org.uk