What will you gain when you are a Member of IAM Herefordshire?

IAM Herefordshire is a voluntary service to the community, dedicated to developing safer drivers of all ages, to a standard better and safer than the average motorist. We are a registered charity, affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the country’s leading road safety organisation. Our aims are to provide the people of Herefordshire with the opportunity to be better, safer drivers, and to reduce the toll of fatal and serious accidents on our roads, by education and lobbying. Professionally accredited to IAM Advanced Driving standards, we provide practical support, technical advice, in-car guidance and on-going skills development programmes. If you wish, when you have developed the necessary skills and confidence, you may apply to take the Advanced Driving Test, which is quality-assured by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), focussing on improving your safety and confidence when driving. Or, you can extend your knowledge, proficiency and confidence by getting individual mentoring, observed drives and specially-designed tuition. Members gain from becoming a progressively advanced driver and, just as important these days, benefit from cheaper car insurance, reduced running and maintenance costs and improving their attitude behind the wheel, by being courteous and considerate to other road users and remaining confident, calm and in control.
IAM Herefordshire has a higher-than-average number of Nationally-Qualified Driver Trainers and of Qualified Master Drivers, the highest level of advanced driving expertise in the IAM. As a result of this degree of local knowledge, experience and technical skill, we have an extremely high success rate for those undertaking the Advanced Driving test. Our “Safer Driving” courses are priced competitively, yet cover all the latest regulations, driving theory and techniques, together with practical assessments of your driving - in your own car - by one of these qualified and accredited Observers, who will observe your driving and mentor you in making any improvements. In addition to delivering the IAM ‘Skill for Life’ Advanced Driving course, we organise, for Registered Members and Associates, specific Driver Skills Days for newer drivers, older drivers and confidence-building. We can also arrange Refresher courses for particular aspects of driving (cornering, parallel parking, skid control and “mechanical sympathy” with your vehicle), with regular reassessments by the IAM. I look forward to hearing how we could help you develop as a safer driver, or how you would like to help us spread the word . . . . Membership Secretary Alan Eastough 01981 540006 members@iam-herefordshire.org.uk
IAM Herefordshire is a local charity affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). Registered Charity No: 1049679Email safer-drivers@iam-herefordshire.org.uk Website www.iam-herefordshire.org.uk